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7.5 x 11.5

With all of the numerous garter snakes I have found, caught and photographed over the years, I had never actually seen one hunt and consume its prey - until recently. As my somewhat neglected back lawn grew ankle deep, many leopard frogs started hanging out in the dewy grass on a regular basis over the summer. A favorite food item of these snakes, it was no surprise on that day to see a garter making its way up my driveway towards the grass.

 I watched quietly while it hunted, its tongue flicking as it stealthily made its way through the jungle of weeds, then stopping and lifting its upper body up, periscope style, to visually cue in on a frog. Using this combination of sight and smell, it wasn't long before it located one. With lightening speed it was on it, grabbed one hind foot and just started swallowing. It was over in seconds! I was left with a new respect for the efficiency of their hunting technique, and couldn't resist doing a portrait of the snake, satiated, basking in the sun.