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Born This Way
6 x 6
 Reptiles have gotten a bad rap since the beginning of mankind. Evolving to a life on land required many adaptations for survival. Tough skin, ability to regulate body temperature, internal fertilization and various adaptations to be able to move around and find food, to name a few. Natural selection moulded them into the creatures of survival that they are today, just as it did all species on earth. Although they are not as advanced in some of these adaptations as birds or mammals (for instance, regulation of body temperature), they paved the way for advancement of other species we currently perceive as cute and cuddly. Some of the features reptiles inherited along their evolutionary path included those we don’t understand and consider ugly or undesirable - hard, cold, scaly skin, the inability to blink, and in many cases, adaptations to find food that are dangerous to humans if used in a defensive nature. This little hatchling crocodile, if it makes it to adulthood, will face a life of fear and persecution from humans ignorant to its real beauty and importance on our planet. One of the pioneers of a life on land, it was just born that way.